The Perks of Investing in a Pre-Owned Electrical Transformers Over Brand New Ones

3 January 2022
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Purchasing a power transformer is a sound investment. However, deciding on a new or used one can be a real challenge. It helps if you consider various factors, including performance requirements, kiloVolt-Ratings, transformer frequency and usability. However, it's easier to find yourself making hasty purchase decisions to measure up to current power demands rather than investing in long-term solutions. 

As such, purchasing pre-owned electrical transformers is a feasible alternative because of the numerous advantages it offers.

Lower Purchase Costs 

Buying a new power transformer is generally a costly endeavour. You must pay for relevant licenses, logistics, base costs and other additional expenses that arise along the way. Such expenses can add up pretty quickly and force you to break the bank. On the contrary, purchasing used power transformers is relatively cheaper since it does not have numerous additional costs associated with the unit acquisition.

Enjoy Greater Value for Your Money

Numerous power transformers come in different styles, sizes and brands. That means not all of them work the same, and you might have your taste regarding performance and efficiency. But investing in power transformers from prominent vendors might also mean paying a higher premium because of the famous names tags. If this is the case, purchasing used or pre-owned electrical transformers from reputable vendors makes more sense than going for new ones. This approach is much better than resorting to newer but cheaper options when planning to save more money. 

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

One way to contribute positively to greener earth is by investing in pre-owned power transformers. Purchasing used transformers helps minimise industrial waste. As a business, you will be advocating for corporate social responsibility in society by helping recycle and upcycle electrical wastes. Above all, investing in pre-owned electrical transformers helps reduce your business's overall carbon footprint. The manufacturing sector is well known for intemperate energy consumption. That's especially in terms of raw materials used, human labour and electrical power. For that reason, buying pre-owned power transformers will considerably help reduce the impact in these areas and make your company more eco-friendly. 

A Wider Range of Options 

Today, the online equipment market has grown remarkably. It provides consumers and suppliers with the opportunity to purchase and sell used electrical equipment. The current e-commerce platforms feature more expansive product inventories, item descriptions, product specs and usage histories. As a result, customers and vendors gain access to a broader selection of power transformers.

Look for used transformers for your business.