Symptoms of Hydraulic Hose Failure That Should Prompt You to Seek Urgent Repairs

11 March 2021
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Hydraulic machinery is one of the most commonplace pieces of industrial equipment irrespective of your line of business. From construction to automotive, as long as you need to pump high volumes of fluid, you are reliant on this type of equipment. And although these pieces of machinery comprise an array of components, one of the most crucial parts that need to be in functional condition at all times is the hydraulic hose. Usually manufactured from materials such as thermoplastic, synthetic rubber and so on, hydraulic hoses are designed to be incredibly strong but highly pliable too so that they can remain flexible in their high-intensity applications.

Nonetheless, infrequent maintenance coupled with high-pressure conditions will eventually lead to damage that will only get progressively worse when left unaddressed. To ensure that you do not find yourself requiring hydraulic equipment replacement prematurely, here are symptoms of hydraulic hose failure that should prompt you to seek urgent repairs.

Physical flaws

As stated above, hydraulic hoses endure extremely severe environments. Not only are the interiors of these hoses exposed to high temperatures, corrosive fluids and so on but the exterior is at risk of damage from high impact, changing temperatures and more. Since the material is durable, minor issues such as scratches, scuffs or dents should not be a cause for concern, as they are typically cosmetic flaws. However, there are some signs to be wary of that could be indicative of a larger underlying problem.

For example, if the wiring that functions as reinforcement is exposed, it means the damage is deep-seated and this should prompt you to seek hydraulic hose repairs. In addition to this, if parts of the hydraulic hose appear crushed rather than simply looking slightly dented, it is advisable to seek hydraulic hose repairs so that the material is not compromised further.

Suspicious leaks

Any signs of leaking, irrespective of how tiny you think it is, should compel you to seek hydraulic hose repairs, as this is a symptom of a disaster waiting to happen. There are a couple of things that make hydraulic hose leaks extremely dangerous. For starters, the fluid that is being directed through these hoses is pressurised, so even a tiny crack in the hose leaves the potential of the entire hose bursting open. Secondly, if the fluids passing through the hydraulic hose are either extremely hot or highly corrosive, leaks increase the likelihood of injury to anyone on the floor.

So why would the hydraulic hose be leaking? Commonly, this issue will happen when the material hardens. The more brittle it is, the higher the risk of cracks and eventually leaks. Additionally, leaks could stem from improperly outfitted seals and these will manifest at the connection points. Reach out to a professional who provides hydraulic hose repairs for more information.