Answering Some Commonly Asked Questions About Boom Lifts

16 October 2019
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A boom lift is a piece of equipment that enables you to work at heights safely. It consists of a rotatable base, a hydraulic arm and a small platform to fit a person or two. When choosing a particular boom lift, you have to consider various options that include the maximum weight it can support, the maximum height you require, whether the boom lift is flexible enough to be angled and the terrain of the worksite. Note some answers to common questions asked about boom lifts:

What Types of Boom Lifts Do You Find in The Market?

There are mainly two types of boom lifts, and they include the articulating and the telescopic boom lift. You might also come across a bucket truck, also known as a cherry picker, which can also be considered a boom lift.

An articulating boom lift has multiple bends along its hydraulic arm, which makes it flexible enough to be angled. You might hear it being referred to as a knuckle lift because of these bends.

Other terms you can come across under articulating boom lifts are atrium and spider lifts. The difference is seen in their mobility, where atrium and spider lifts have tracks for better mobility and outriggers for support, while typical articulating boom lifts have wheels.

Telescopic boom lifts do not have multiple bends, and therefore, they are not flexible enough to be angled. They, however, extend straight, either horizontally or vertically, and higher/further than articulating boom lifts.

Do You Choose an Electrically or Fuel Powered Boom Lift?

Most of the boom lifts used for indoor applications are usually electrically powered, while those used outdoors are fuel-powered. Therefore, most of the time you may not have an option.

To Hire or Buy a Boom Lift?

Boom lifts are expensive pieces of equipment, and it would be cheaper to hire than buy. This will, however, depend on your needs.

If you require boom lifts for business purposes, for example, to use the boom lifts to earn profits, you may require to buy them. If you require boom lifts to help you achieve a particular task, then you need to hire.

When Do You Choose a Wheeled or Tracked Boom Lift?

This depends on the terrain of the worksite. If it is rough or uneven, choosing a tracked boom lift is in your best interest. As indicated above, most will have outriggers for added support. Wheeled boom lifts are suitable for even ground.