Businesses who would particularly benefit from air conditioning services

13 September 2016
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Go to a country notorious for its heat, such as Mexico, India or Indonesia, and you'll be laughed out of the room for asking whether or not they would benefit from air conditioning services. In places where the temperatures are scorchingly hot for months on end, everyone wants a chilled breeze to cool them down. However, in the more continental climates of Northern Europe, the Northern States of the USA and elsewhere, it's easier to distinguish between businesses who would simply prefer air conditioning and those that would really see the difference. Let's run through a few of the latter here.


Especially during the summer months, air conditioning is a big selling point for travel hostels. Generally speaking, their clientele have had to journey a long way by bus, train or plane to get there and are in need of a decent sleep. If they have to spend the first night unable to drop off because of the humidity in their room, then it's not unusual for them to find somewhere else for the remainder of their stay. Therefore, whether or not the business has a system installed can have a big impact on its customer retention rate.


A restaurant kitchen will always be a stressful environment, no doubt. But if chefs and other staff are made to put up with the constant heat produced from ovens, grills and hobs without any kind of counter-balance, then the job can take its toll. Not only will it lead to chefs who are less able to focus on their meals, but it will make waiters and waitresses more likely to sweat - and that's not a good look for the customer when they reach the table.


Speaking of sweating, if there's one place where it's acceptable to do so, it's in the gymnasium. Customers expect to endure a bit of discomfort when they're here - after all, it is a key part of their routine! But with so many warm bodies walking around all day long, the temperature in the room could rise to the point where their ability to train is affected. An air conditioning unit could bring it back down to manageable levels.


Admittedly most schools aren't run as businesses, but in this context they also count as potential customers alongside the others in this list. They also arguably have the most pressing need for air conditioning services of anyone else here. This is because if the classrooms are too stifling for the children to focus, then they're not going to be able to pay attention to their lessons, making the entire exercise counter-productive. When their education is at stake, it's a worthy investment