Good Reasons to Use Wooden Boxes for Your Export Business

2 September 2016
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One of the more popular packaging products in the export business right now is wooden boxes. If you are new to this line of business, and you are looking for a means of packaging goods for the overseas market, the following points will help bring you up to speed on why you should opt for wood boxes.

Wood boxes are durable

Packaging boxes are one of those things that you expect to last for a reasonable length of time before you can have them replaced. If you acquire boxes that are built weak, they will break easily and require replacement after only a short while. Wooden boxes are strong enough to bear up to the everyday requirements of your business. To start with, the box makers use high grade wood such as rubber wood and pine wood, which can withstand the heavy weight of the content kept inside. In addition, the wood used to make boxes can come in a range of thicknesses depending on the desired level of strength and security. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that your wooden boxes will work well for years and years ahead, no matter how heavy the merchandise you are exporting is.

Wooden boxes are eco-friendly

At the moment, one of the things that you must be interested in as a business person is how environmentally friendly your business is. Today's customers have become increasingly conscious about the need to conserve the natural environment and choosing to use wooden boxes can earn you a few points in that regard. So, what makes wood a good choice of material for packaging boxes?

Well, wood is a product of trees, and trees are renewable sources of raw material. With the advent of managed forest plantations, the harvesting of trees can be effectively controlled, meaning that concerns over deforestation can now be put to rest. As long as the demand and supply of wood is kept in check, worries about environmental degradation are eliminated.

Wood is a highly customisable material

The shape and size of wood boxes are all matters at the discretion of the woodworker during the construction process. Once you have provided the dimensions of the boxes that you need, your box manufacturer will work to deliver products that meet your precise specifications. This is because unlike other packaging materials such as plastic, wood can be cut to size without requiring costly change of equipment. With the customisability of wooden boxes, you do not have to worry about irregularly-shaped items, as they will fit inside your boxes exactly how you want.