Why Double-Glazed Windows Are Perfect for Your Baby's Nursery

31 August 2016
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Designing the nursery for a new baby involves so much decision making, and the right choices can save you a lot of trouble in the future. If you're considering new windows in your baby's room, then double glazing is a great choice. Double-glazed windows are superior to traditional, single-glazed windows in a number of key ways — they keep the room warmer, reduce sound, and increase security. Read on to find out exactly how double glazing can help keep you and your baby safe and happy.


The ideal temperature for your baby's room is between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius — staying within this range ensures that your baby stays safe and falls asleep easily. Double-glazed windows can help you to maintain the perfect temperature all year round.

Double glazing keeps your baby's room warmer in winter, as much less heat is lost than when you have single-glazed windows and more heat is captured from the winter sun. In the summer, these windows will insulate your home against extreme hot temperatures, rather than magnifying the heat. Combined with thick, dark curtains and a fan or air conditioning, your nursery should stay cool and comfortable, even when it's boiling outside.


Perfect if you live in a busy area, double glazing can dramatically reduce the amount of outside noise you can hear inside your home. This results in a quiet, calm environment that's perfect for getting your baby into a good bedtime routine.

You might not notice how loud it is inside your home if you've lived there for some time, but chances are your baby will. Spend a few minutes sitting in the nursery and listening hard — do you hear airplanes flying overhead, cars honking or children playing? No-one likes being woken from a nap, and creating a quiet environment now means that your baby will wake less in the night — meaning that you'll get more sleep too. It's a win-win.


Double-glazed windows are much harder to break through than traditional glass, so they discourage potential intruders. If you live in a high-crime area and your baby's nursery is located on a ground floor or facing directly onto the street, you could consider toughened glass. This is even stronger than double glazing alone, and will give you increased peace of mind. Double glazing can also increase the value of your property, as potential buyers are reassured by the extra security.