How to Recycle Unhardened Concrete After a DIY Project

30 August 2016
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Many homeowners wonder what they should do with the unhardened concrete that is left after they have completed a DIY project. This article discusses some options that you can consider if you ever have unhardened concrete to throw away.

Reuse It Onsite

One way to avoid sending the unused concrete to a dumpsite is to reuse it on your property. For instance, your DIY project may have involved making concrete covers for the sewer tanks on your property. You may then have realised that you mixed excess concrete after pouring all the required covers.

What you can now do is to observe your home closely and find another purpose to which you can put the leftover unhardened concrete. For instance, you can use it to repair a damaged section of pavement. You can also use it to patch up the storm water drains running through your property. Such uses will save you from wasting the resources that you had invested in buying the materials that produced the concrete mix.

Make Concrete Blocks

Another option that you can consider in case you can't immediately reuse the unhardened concrete is to make concrete blocks out of it. Those blocks can be made using improvised forms that you can make from plywood or other materials available in your home. You can then keep those concrete blocks on your property for future use. For instance, they can come in handy when you need a base for a storage container that you rent later on for keeping your gardening equipment.

Make Aggregate from It

You could also leave the concrete to harden. That hardened concrete can then be made into aggregate by renting a concrete crusher to grind that hardened concrete. You can then pour that aggregate on an unpaved walkway on your property, such as the footpath leading to your garden. This option may only be feasible if the quantity of the hardened concrete justifies renting the crusher. This option is also ideal in case you would like most of the rainwater on your property to sink into the ground. Such a motive would prevent you from taking the option of using the unhardened concrete to pave sections of your property.

As you can see, you need not discard the unhardened concrete that remains after you have completed a DIY project within your home. The suggestions above can provide you with the inspiration that you need to find other ways through which that concrete can be recycled. You could also contact concrete recycling firms for assistance in case you are unable to recycle the unhardened concrete on your own.