Construct A Fence To Rabbit-Proof Your Veggie Garden

29 August 2016
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If you're a keen gardener who lives in a semi-rural or rural area, you may experience problems with rabbits invading your veggie patch in search of an easy meal.  A guaranteed way of keeping these pests out is by erecting a suitable fence.

What you'll need

  • wire rabbit netting
  • metal 'T' posts
  • fence post pounding tool
  • metal clips
  • pliers
  • large metal hoop pins

The best material to use for keeping rabbits out of veggie patches is netting, and you can buy this from fencing supplies retailers.  Choose rabbit-specific metal netting; this will withstand all weather, won't be blown down easily by the wind, and the rabbits can't chew through it. 

Your finished fence need only be a metre or so high, as rabbits can't jump much higher than this, and you'll want to be able to step over it to reach your plants. 

How to do it

  1. Start by measuring out the perimeter of your veggie plot so that you know how much fencing to order.  
  2. Choose metal fencing posts so that you can just drive them into the ground without having to dig post holes first.  The best type to use is 'T' posts as these are quick and easy to erect and are also very strong.  Space the posts out so that there is about two metres between each one; this will hold the fencing securely in place without sagging.  Place a pounding tool over the top of each post and drive the posts into the ground until the flat anchor plate is underground.  
  3. 'T' fencing posts should include a good supply of metal clips.  Once you've sunk the posts, begin at one end of the line, holding your fencing against the first post.  Set the fencing so that a short 'skirt' of about ten centimetres extends outwards from the bottom of the fence.  
  4. Fasten the fencing in place by wrapping two or three clips around the wires and folding them over with pliers.  Make your way along the fence posts until you have a complete fence.  Try to keep the fencing taut to prevent rabbits from squeezing underneath.  
  5. Finish off the job by fastening the fence 'skirt' to the ground by driving metal hoop-shaped pins through it at short intervals.

You can construct a rabbit-proof fence to keep your veggies safe by following the instructions given above.  Everything you need for this project can be sourced from your local fencing supplies retailer.