Plastic Fantastic: How Using Engineering Plastics Can Benefit Your Mining Operations

28 May 2017
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When it comes down to it, a successful mining operation depends on materials -- not just the materials that your mine produces, but the materials your mining equipment is made from. It goes without saying that mining is a rough-and-tumble, high impact business, so any successful mining contractor will ensure that the equipment they use is made from materials that can take a serious beating. This is where engineering plastics come in. Read More 

Risks Experimenters Should Avoid When Using Adhesives to Attach Vibrating Motors

21 September 2016
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Are you conducting an experiment to find a way to prevent materials from sticking onto the surface of the equipment that transports those materials? Read on and discover some risks that you should keep in mind as you use an adhesive to attach a vibrating motor onto the material transport system. Risks of Blooming Some adhesives can release vapours while the vibrating motor is being used. Those vapours can then condense on the surfaces of the vibrating motor that are not in contact with the adhesive. Read More 

Fundamental Safety Practices to Observe When Using Mobile Cranes

20 September 2016
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The construction industry is ever growing, and contractors are constantly looking for ways to complete projects in a timely and cost-efficient manner without compromising on quality. Mobile cranes are among the most versatile equipment in the construction world. They facilitate lifting and moving of materials and equipment on the project site. The use of mobile cranes comes with the risk of accidents during rigging and transportation. These can be avoided by observing the following safety practices before and after using mobile cranes. Read More 

What To Look For When Hiring A Scissor Lift For Use On Rough Terrain

16 September 2016
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Hiring a scissor lift can be a great way to provide simple, safe access to upper levels for you or your employees. However, you might think that using a scissor lift is not possible on rough terrain or uneven ground. Fortunately,scissor lift hire companies offer a range of lifts designed for safe and effective use on rough terrain and equipped with a number of features to ensure secure, even footing. Read More 

Understanding Firing Mechanisms for Air Cannons in a Commercial Building

15 September 2016
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Material flow problems are bound to occur in various installations in your commercial building. It could be in sinks, bathtubs, plumbing supply lines, gas lines or air conditioning systems. In such cases, you need a a way to deal with the blockage or at least reduce its impact before the technicians arrive. An air cannonis a reliable unblocking solution that you can try. They are connected to the vessel or equipment that needs to be unblocked using strategically located nozzles and pipes. Read More